St Peter's School

...and PERSCOBA is giving back for the March.

#IamPERSCOBA Giving Challenge

Funds raised during this 60th Anniversary period will be used for the following:

 - Organizing the 60th Anniversary Celebrations

- Design multi-purpose Assembly Hall

- Secure the boundaries of the school lands

- Seed fund for the Clement Hoetze Endowment Fund

Show me 5000 Perscoba who have given to #IamPERSCOBA and I will give St Peters School GHC100,000.00
— Anonymous Potential Donor

We need a minimum of 5000 PERSCO alumni to trigger an anonymous grant donation of GHC100,000.00 towards the St Peter's School endowment fund.

March To 60 | Just Happened...

Do You Have Your PERSCO Gear For The March To 60 ?

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March To 60 | Happened...

...pledge now, PERSCO needs your support.

Its Time To Give - PERSCOBA Charles Djugbah

Give us much as you can, be a Star.

  • Tin Star – GHC240.00
  • Bronze Star – GHC500.00
  • Copper Star – GHC1,000.00
  • Silver Star – GHC2,000.00
  • Gold Star – GHC5,000.00
  • Diamond Star – GHC10,000.00
  • Platinum Star – GHC20,000.00

...lets have fun, while pledging and leading the charge for #IamPERSCOBA Giving Challenge...



In Your PERSCO Days...

Which PERSCO House Was The Most Athletic ?

At Stake? Title Crowns for:

1. PERSCO House to receive the most votes for being MOST ATHLETIC.

2. PERSCO House to cast the most votes.

3. PERSCO House to make the most collective pledges.

4. PERSCO House with the largest aggregate pledge value.

5. Individual PERSCOBA to make the largest value pledge.

To Cast Your Vote, Simply Pick Your House Selection, Make Your #IamPERSCOBA Pledge, And Click Submit.

Convert your pledge to cash right here...

OR Make A Deposit

Fidelity Bank (Madina) Ghana - Account Number - 2090451072817 (St Peter's Old Boys Association)

OR Mobile Money

MTN Mobile Money - Account Number - 0556 380 983

TIGO Cash - Account Number - 0271 522 422

Airtel Money - Account Number - 0264 111 140

Vodafone Cash - Account Number - 0507340298


March to 60 || Perscoba Conversations

Healthy friendly banter anyone? :-)...share your fondest athletic stories. Which house was always chewing? Were you personally an active sportsman or a consummate spectator?

Which Decade of PERSCOBA Are You?