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ACHIMOTA SPEAKS 1: A Nation Divided...That All May Be One

  • Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences 1st Csir Close Accra, Greater Accra Region Ghana (map)

Achimota Speaks One

ACHIMOTA SPEAKS 1 was the lead off symposium for the monthly series of symposia dubbed ACHIMOTA SPEAKS. Topics are drawn from the Achimota 90th Anniversary Theme – “Black, White and Heart … That All May Be One” 

Speakers and Panelists explored the topic "A Nation Divided...That All May Be One"

Panel One


So, Achimota Speaks 1 was finally here. For some of us (Akoras and non- Akoras ) the lead up to the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences Auditorium was eerily reminiscent of the subtle and sometimes exaggerated excitement that we came to feel and associate with school entertainment night in various school assembly halls. 

Attending this evening were a healthy variety of people with various emotional reactions and expectations of Achimota Speaks. From a view of a non Akora, it will probably be characterized with a bit of "let me go and see what these Motowners are up to :-)". The few final year Achimotan students present would simply be excited to have a chance to have legally 'papped' from campus. For the Akora, there is absolute pride in being the main driver of Achimota Speaks and sending a national message of "we are here, we have value to contribute and we want to ignite change conversations nationwide"

As for the actual business of the evening. We don't often say "wow". Were we star struck? (we will NEVER admit to that). We will however admit freely, that there were copious amount of brain power on full display.  It was a true delight to be immersed and hear first hand accounts of rich and unique perspectives. This is not to suggest that everyone was in agreement with everything said, but we were all very respectful of "A Nation Divided...That All May Be One".

Typical SNAP RECAPS attempt to editorialize and summarize with what some have called failed attempts at dry humor :-) - Today, we simply present to you as it happened... intellectual gymnastics with the associated emotional reactions which ended in a social conclusion, that the vision ("That All May Be One") of Guggisberg, Aggrey and Fraser - Founders' of Achimota School, is still very much relevant and a work in progress.


Achimota Speaks 1 - Introductions By Akora Kwaku Sayki-Addo
The Chairman, Akoras, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen. I begin oddly, perhaps, with a dedication of this talk to two categories of people. First, I dedicate this to all the peoples of the streets – peasants and proletariat. Be the streets tarred, pot-holed or outright untarred. Second, I offer this talk in honor of the African scholar and all scholars of the so-called Developing and Emerging World. Many of them have suffered immeasurably at the hands of brutal governments, simply because what they do has truth as its currency.
It is odd that in some ways, our societies neglect both scholars and streets for a convergent reason. The streets are urged to be more scholarly while the scholar is urged to be streetwise – feet on street. A bit of scholarship on the streets and a bit of street in the scholar must, therefore, be a good thing. I am neither street nor scholar. As a striver for both credentials, I cannot help but appreciate them all.
— Akora (1985) Yaw Nsarkoh - Executive Vice President, Unilever Ghana & Nigeria
Achimota Speaks 1 - Keynote Speaker - Akora (1985) Yaw Nsakoh
  • Yaw Nsarkoh is the Executive Vice President of Unilever in charge of Ghana and Nigeria.
  • He has worked for Unilever in several roles across Africa, Europe and Asia since leaving school.
  • He belongs to OAA ’85 and was Deputy Senior Prefect 86/87.  Proud member of Livingstone House – 1980 – 87.
  • Trained in Chemical Engineering & Management at UST & Henley Management College.
  • He is married to Liz and they are blessed with two sons – Kwaku & Kwame.




They say a picture paints a thousand words - So we saved our key strokes :-)


...friends, family & new relationships :-)


From Gambaga to Accra
From Wiawso to Keta
We are brothers and our mother is our School
She will guide us all and each
So to learn that we may teach,
So to subjugate ourselves that we may rule.
Play the game ‘shout her name’
Spread her fame afar;
She’s the head of all the host,
She’s the School of whom we boast,
She’s the glory of the Coast
When our books are laid aside
And we scatter far and wide,
We remember with affection all we gained,
How we learned to take our share
In the life and labour there,
Where the men whom we are proudest of were trained
Play the game ‘shout her name’
Spread her fame afar;
She’s the head of all the host,
She’s the School of whom we boast,
She’s the glory of the Coast


The postcolonial development history of Ghana, one in which Achimota and Achimotans have played a major role, for better or for worse has been unsteady at best.
New beginnings offer new opportunities. The current government may not have asked for that responsibility but they have it. Fate and Fortune combine to make Nana Akufo-Addo a president who may finally determine the fate of the constitutional democracy so many, including - no, especially – him, fought so hard for. He, and us all, have a responsibility to dramatically accelerate the process of taking this country decisively on the path of the journey from Third World to First.
— Akora Yaw Nsarkoh (Executive Vice President, Unilever Ghana & Nigeria

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ACHIMOTA SPEAKS 2: Vision 2030 … the role of Industry, Business & Entrepreneurship

16th February, 2017

Achimota Speaks 2
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