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HOPSA Mini Fair

While living the dream of business ownership is very fulfilling, small businesses face several challenges such as readily reaching their target market and building a strong brand with limited resources.  The Holy Child Past Students Association (HOPSA) organized a mini fair in October, 2016 at the Christ the King Church grounds to help HOPSAN entrepreneurs and business leaders address some of these challenges. 

HOPSAN Mini Fair | Pauligath Wear

NOW, imagine most of the products and services you typically use, at the right price, in one location and you will be describing the HOPSA Mini Fair. The Fair created a marketplace that connected a wide range of small businesses. It offered vendors and shoppers the opportunity to tap into a network of entrepreneurs, service providers & business coaches.

The Mini Fair succeeded in combining the professionalism of a trading platform and a social hub for both vendors and shoppers. The event organizers paid attention to 2 key facts: vendors were there to promote their respective brands and make money, while shoppers expected to socialize and spend money. A lot of effort went into balancing a profitable mix of trade, entertainment, and future prospects for participating vendors. The HOPSA network is an extensive one nurtured over 70 years and the vendors benefited immensely from being exposed to this network.

The 65 HOPSAN vendors exhibited the following mix of products and services: handmade chocolates, make up artistry, spa services, educational products, adult care services, fashion clothing and accessories, organic foods, hospitality services, real estate, shipping, courier and printing companies. The Fair put the vendors in touch with over 500 HOPSANs as well as over 400 other shoppers who had been informed of the fair through the intense social media marketing campaign and the traditional advertising in church bulletins and newsletters.

The HOPSA Fair thanks Accra Brewery Limited, the principal sponsor of the Fair for the variety of products donated to the event. A big thanks also goes to DJ Flash for his popping musical selection. The vendors were punctual, creative and efficient in their product set-up and for this, the Fair is grateful. Utmost thanks go to all HOPSANs, friends and shoppers who passed through to support the vendors to keep their businesses thriving.

In the first quarter of 2017, the HOPSA Mini Fair will bring together over 100 vendors and over 1000 shoppers in a bigger event. HOPSAN businesses are holding up the economy and the HOPSA Mini Fair is poised to maximize all business opportunities for interested vendors.  2017 Fair dates will be shared at theEVENTtown and on all social and traditional media platforms.

Sign-ups coming soon @theEVENTtown for interested vendors!

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